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How US Medical Device Exporters Localize to Succeed in China

With a growth rate of 20% over the past decade, the China medical device industry has gone from over USD 38bn in 2014 to an estimated USD 45bn in 2015. A significant slice of that pie comes from US medical device manufacturers. . .  Full Story >>

Baird Capital Continues to See Investment Opportunities Amid Changes in China

China continues to be a rising power in the global economy, but accessing private equity opportunities in this evolving market has become more complex in the recent past. After years of high growth, China’s GDP growth grate hit its lowest mark in five years in the third quarter of 2014 . . .

GBI DEVINT this month begins a series of articles looking at the medical devices market exclusively authored by Landon G. Lack, founder and CEO of China MedConnect (CMC).

Entering the China Market: Best Practices, Part 1   Download PDF of Article >>

The sheer size, diversity and complexity of China’s medical devices landscape means that any attempt to set out “best practices” for foreign firms operating within the market entails some degree of generalization. For the purposes of this series of articles, the scope will be limited to the medical and surgical consumables segment.

Entering the China Market: Go-to-Market Strategies, Part 2   Download PDF of Article >>

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A Sit-Down with Landon Lack

In early January, while attending the OneMed Forum in San Francisco, Landon Lack’s presentation during one of the China panels caught my attention. As the CEO of China MedConnect, Landon Lack and his China-based team help western medical device companies build and execute strategies for entering the Chinese market. Among the aspects of Landon’s panel participation that I particularly enjoyed was his ability to speak to regulatory, point of sale, and distribution issues with equal ease. It is not uncommon to find someone who can speak to one of these points intelligently, but the combination of the three was in my experience unique. Full Story >>

From: MedSider.comBy Scott Nelson

The Most Critical Considerations for Selling Medical Devices in China

China is one of the largest and fastest growing medical device markets in the world. Given the sheer size of the market, the fragmented nature of distribution, and the cultural differences from one province to the next, it is important to consider a number of implications unique to the China market. First, do you even meet the requirements to enter the market in China? If you do in fact meet the stipulations, should you even enter? What other steps must be considered? There are a host of questions that need to be answered. Full Story >>

From: General Biologic, Inc.

Interview with Landon Lack of China MedConnect

GBI recently sat down with Landon Lack of China MedConnect to discuss the recent trend of acquisitions in the Chinese medical device industry. He discusses the benefits and challenges of acquiring Chinese companies and the direction the Chinese medical device market is heading. Full Story >>