Connecting Western medical device companies with China

China MedConnect is focused exclusively on supporting Western medical device companies with their operations and interests in mainland China. Since 2009, CMC has been actively representing medical device companies with on-the-ground operational activities and facilitating cross-border investment and advisory services.

CMC is licensed by the China Food & Drug Administration (CFDA) to perform the role of Registration Agent, After-Sales Agent, and Legal Agent for foreign medical device companies operating in China.

CMC enables market entry through CFDA device registration and then provides on-the-ground operational representation. CMC develops partnering opportunities between Western and Chinese medical device companies, strategic investors and distributors. CMC facilitates M&A transactions and other cross-border investment advisory activities. CMC also invests it’s own capital and resources to bring needed Western medical technologies to the Chinese doctors and patients.

CMC is incorporated in the US with primary operations in Beijing, China.